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धर्म की सत्ता संविधान की सत्ता से ज्यादा बड़ी है, अब मंदिरों पर कब्ज़ा करें बहुजन : कांचा इल्लैया



  1. U mesh chandola

    If BJP has VK Singh ready to follow instructions of local RSS leaders . Not directly. Just asking all army personnel to co ordinate with local RSS we have COMMUNIST PARTIES lower cadres. No doubt that leadership of COMMUNIST PARTIES are helping RSS most buy BLUNTING EDGE OF REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS, PROGRAM,ZEAL ETC. FORD FOUNDATION IS HELPING CPIM ETC BY PROVIDING funds as desired by American Imperialist organisations CIA ETC

  2. U mesh chandola

    It’s high time CADRES must ask difficult questions like Why bouncers of state and private co beating leadership of workers. You would not do anything to just because they want to be independently fight without alignment of any CITU etc. Do you want to dilute their struggle ALSO in MARUTI,MANESAR AS U R DOING IN INDIA BOTH IN PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SECTOR. WHY CPI CPM AND CPIML GOT ONLY 10 THOUSANDS VOTES COLLECTIVELY IN ALL OF DELHI MLA ELECTION….. SOURCE SAMAYANTAR.COM….AVERAGE 200 VOTES PER SEAT BY ALL 3. IN 50 LAKH WORKERS POPULATION OF DELHI. WHY COMRADE YECHURI ? READY TO ANSWER EVEN 2.5 LAKH SUICIDE OF FARMERS AND CRORES ON VERGE OF SUICIDE.

  3. U mesh chandola

    We need indefinite strike by workers until labor laws are followed and reversal of labor laws occur flavouring 99 per cent


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