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सामाजिक न्याय से साम्प्रदायिकता तक कैसे पहुंची बिहार की राजनीति?



  1. U mesh chandola

    Fortunately or unfortunately THIS IS THE ONLLY WAY..

    To make an ultimately EQUITABLE, PEACEFUL,ALL FORTUNATE CRIMELESS DOCIETY!! Where there is a quality LIFE is possible with sufficient food, health, education, housing for all. Where THERE are no POSSIBILITY of 2 WORLD war in which 5 CRORES killed due to Greed for Raw material and Markets of the Countries.Where same Greed killed millions in india in Famine in second WORLD war. ( Earlier also). And no ONE speaks about it is. CRIMINAL silence !!!! And HIGHLY DOUBTFUL ALLEGATIONS OF FAMINE DEATHS IN CHINA. Writer Dikottrr said figure was 5 crores in GLF.And census started in 1970( reference : Remembering Socialist China, rupe-india.org). Huge internal migration took place that time. And Cover photo of book was of 1946 famine! And Mao etc took command ONLY in 1949. When asked writer said I didn’t foud a photo of the time. Is is trust worthy that INSPITE of so much SPIES OF JAPAN , USA, Britain ETC no photo was taken? And internal enemies of STATE? What China achieved in just 26 years of MAO or USSR in just 41 years are near to impossible. Greatest standard if Health, literacy housing. And only due to Socialism 104 countries were Free post 1950 !! Even Imperialist organisation like who appreciated BAREFOOT DOCTOR OF CHINA MODEL. Today world over it is followed. (P H C )

  2. U mesh chandola

    1 to 15 December 2017, enagrik.com…SOVIET ROOS ME NYAY. IN USSR, even judges were appointed and sacked by Public. I mean suppose you Don’t trust C j I Deepak Mishra Public will Sack him .Even IAS could be.. after all Real executive power are with them. READ other website imkrwc.org(. sahitya, POOJIVADI Evan samajvadi loktantra ETC).

  3. U mesh chandola

    rupe.org , no 35, Economics and Politics of World economic forum….part 2 exposed design of NGO and CPI CPM. Both these REVISIONIST COMMUNIST PARTIES MUST BE REMEMBERED as stooge of Ford foundation ETC, which in theirs turn are Agent of Imperialist. Also read appendix on FORD FOUNDATION. FF generously gives money to NGO of so many people. Kejriwal, Sisodia being prominent.

  4. U mesh chandola

    Please refer to second appendix of funds for WSF. Canadian international development agency ,CIDA adopted different parts of India for Doing green Revolution. Idea was make market for potassium reseves of Canada ( huge quantity is found there) IPL or Indian potash LTD was one such companies. About others,if any I don’t know. I left after 4 or 5 months from Barabanki. Project was INDO CANADIAN AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION PROJECT. Project I believe was much show as can be verified from District Sultanpur and Probably Meerut also. I used to copy typical Punjabi style of my Sikh boss. It infuriated him. He sacked me. I went to Lucknow court. In 1990 . But could not follow due to money. Interestingly I submitted a report to some bureau of Blitz. But it seems that man betrayed me. Lastly, to clear my due a pre receipt letter was sent to my address. I signed and sent to them back. But people in project NEVER SENT ME ANYTHING.

  5. U mesh chandola

    The credit of 34 years rule of CPim in BENGAL is due to Sacrifice of naxalbari youths. It was just Pressure of those youths of middle class families that revisionist Communist party was Forced to do LAND reform.


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