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About us

Mediavigil.com is a media critic website run by the Mediavigil Trust catering to the Hindi speaking readers covering print, electronic and online news/views mediums. We started functioning in January 2016 with bare minimum resources and co-ective effort of some like-minded journalists based in Delhi. The slew of misinformation and propaganda played out in open by the TV media and specially a few channels having links to the establishment was systematically exposed by Mediavigil that soon caught the eyes of common Hindi readers who did not have any primary/secondary source to verify information. With the minimum effort, co-operative technical support and almost no investment, Mediavigil is now consistent in generating the content that is factually correct and educating. The data on daily hits and social media sharing clearly reassures that there exists a space for a platform like Mediavigil that addresses information bombardment by mainstream media in a critical manner thus engaging the common media consumer to look at the facts rather than being taken away by jingoism.

Why Mediavigil?

Generally speaking, there are a few online media critic platforms in English and Hindi both but they have a targeted readership profile. In English, this limited readership does not amount much to be called a problem in itself because readers have much choice and alternatives available in terms of news and views compared to Hindi. The problem essentially lies in the Hindi speaking media consumer that neither tries to verify the facts nor has easy access to the sources (mostly English) that are doing so. Language is one barrier large enough to segregate a common Hindi reader with the English ones.

Therein lies the actual need for a platform that at least puts the facts as they are on record and does not try to suggest/impose any view. This is an emergent need for the Hindi media consumer. Mediavigil aspires to fill this gap.

The Motto

Comments is free, but facts are sacred.

Thus wrote C.P. Scott in his essay “A Hundred Years” in 1921. The essay’s famous sentence ‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred’ has endured as the ultimate statement of values for a free press. Mediavigil aspires to follow this motto in word and spirit.

The Trust

The Mediavigil Trust is a non-profit public charitable trust registered in New Delhi and having its area of operation all over India. Its main aim and objectives are as under:

1)      To educate people with factual and unbiased information.

2)      To cultivate healthy thoughts and views & reviews the information flow in mainstream media including newspapers, T.V., electronic & social media etc.

3)      To promote high quality journalism in print, digital and electronic media though professional training and orientation programmes; research facilitation though own infrastructure and networking with other bodies, public or private, in India.

4)      To conduct and to participate in regional, national, and international exhibition, events, seminars, conferences, workshops on rural development, microfinance and economy, Journalism and Mass Communication, Science and Technology, etc .